STADIO, the Startup Democratizing Sports With Web3

The decentralized public ledger system, or to be precise, the blockchain, has grown over the last few years. 

The decentralized public ledger system, or to be precise, the blockchain, has grown over the last few years. With its exponential growth, blockchain technology has introduced several digital currencies or tokens like NFTs, expanding its reach to different business sectors. From art to exclusive items, blockchain technology has made its mark everywhere and now includes sports in its massive network. STADIO is a trailblazer here. The company offers an ecosystem of products to empower athletes and everyone associated with the sports industry. STADIO is creating the next-generation web3 compatible ecosystem in the sports industry using the blockchain. 

STADIO is the newest entry in the blockchain platform and is already a private equity-backed venture. With its innovative suite of products, the company is helping athletes produce, manage, and monetize their digital assets, including NFTs. As a web3 based ecosystem, STADIO will disrupt the market by changing how athletes engage with their fans. STADIO has already set its roadmap to growth with a set of one-of-a-kind products that will be further supported by its native utility and governance tokens, which will be launched soon.

Since its inception, STADIO has been focused on providing a white-glove service, unlike other projects in this space that promise returns only after rising to prominence. With STADIO, everyone involved in the sports industry ecosystem, like athletes, agents, clubs, club owners, and coaches, will benefit. The company is connecting sports, media, and gaming to cater to all stakeholders. The idea behind creating the suite of tools is to educate, simplify, and gamify a large community within the web3 ecosystem. 

To achieve this feat, STADIO is currently focused on creating an explosive NFT marketplace. Digital creators can use this marketplace to list and mint their NFT utility-backed collectibles. The same applies to athletes where they can mint NFTs to engage directly with fans, curating an experience that is beneficial for both. 

Another exciting product from STADIO is STADIO Leaguez. It is a unique NFT gaming platform that follows the play-to-earn models seen in other successful projects. STADIO Leaguez combines fantasy and real-world statistical data to help athletes earn from sales or the trading volume of their corresponding NFT collection. This is a great opportunity for athletes to monetize their brands through NFTs and scale up their professional careers beyond the sports field. 

To ensure the safety and protection of all the products inside the ecosystem, STADIO has created a secure and circular tokenomics model. The entire ecosystem will be underpinned by this to prevent any foul play. STADIO's tokenomics have been academically certified by RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Blockchain Hub). This part of the ecosystem has also been reviewed by industry professionals. This has been done to ensure the public can trust the STADIO tokens and not worry about the project disappearing overnight like others have.

The team behind STADIO is striving relentlessly to help athletes create a new source of earning. They also strike a balance by rewarding fans who get to engage with their star athletes directly. Fans will also enjoy other benefits in this Web3 ecosystem.

With this vision, STADIO hopes to be synonymous with utility-backed collections and gaming in the sports industry. Looking at the tremendous positive response that the venture has achieved so far, the team behind STADIO plans to host real-life sports tournaments, exhibitions, and events in the near future.