How STADIO Is Creating a Web3 Ecosystem
Web3 is the next frontier and is moving the internet to a whole new level. 

Web3 is the next frontier and is moving the internet to a whole new level. When such a technological advancement arrives, it creates wonders globally in the decentralized markets. STADIO, a new entry in the blockchain space, combines the best of both worlds to introduce the future of sports through utility-backed & dynamic NFT collectibles as well as decentralized management tools for stakeholders. It is the first of its kind.

STADIO is a web3 based ecosystem of products that are using the blockchain to change the way athletes interact with their fans. With such a vision, STADIO became the first decentralized sports platform that brings sports, media, gaming, and fans together, creating exciting benefits for all. This ecosystem has been designed to unlock new revenue streams for athletes and other stakeholders within the ecosystem by sharing in the value that is created.

Since the beginning of its journey, STADIO has been a white-glove service that caters to all athletes, agents, fans, brands, clubs, and merchandisers. Unlike other projects rising to prominence on the blockchain, STADIO empowers athletes to grow beyond their professional careers and create a steady source of income. To accomplish this mission, the enthusiastic team behind STADIO is working to build secure and scalable NFT products including marketplaces, games & management tools. This is where the core functions are laying the foundations of the ecosystem.

At STADIO, athletes can create, list, and trade NFT assets under their personal brands to interested fans. To strike a balance on the benefit factor, STADIO has also introduced a range of exciting rewards for the fans who will get to experience direct interactions with their sports heroes. STADIO NFTs will provide real-world utility for everyone in the ecosystem. Users can create, list, mint, buy, and sell the NFTs via STADIO MART. STADIO’s very own web3 NFT marketplace that provides both non-crypto & crypto purchasing options. STADIO MART is the first NFT Marketplace that has integrated both PayPal & MetaMask wallet options for its customers to now access the rapidly growing NFT markets.
Another reason behind creating a digital ecosystem within the decentralized web3 economies was to introduce the STADIO Tokens. These tokens will provide a circular economy of value within the STADIO ecosystem and will be accepted as payments across the network. The tokenomics are consistently reviewed by top industry professionals and have already earned academic certification from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). STADIO aims to stay fluid and interoperable across various technology stacks and blockchain networks.

The list of products within the STADIO ecosystem doesn’t end with utility-backed NFT collectibles and digital currencies. There is more to it. STADIO Leaguez will soon be a new addition to the ecosystem. STADIO Leaguezis a one-of-its-kind gaming platform based on play-to-earn principles to further help athletes monetize their personal brands and careers. The platform will combine the athletes' real and virtual statistical performance data, which will affect the performance of their corresponding NFT collectible sales and trading value.

The team behind STADIO has a unique approach dedicated to gamification by allowing personalized content creation. Users can swap between different digital currencies and real-world adoption of their native tokens that will cover a range of functions like athlete salary, NFT sales, sports event ticketing and many more applications yet to be unveiled. 

STADIO is looking forward to explosive growth in utility-backed NFT collections in the coming years. The company is also on track to host sports tournaments and events in the future to further create revenue funnels for athletes within the ecosystem.

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